Objectives of Therapy

Learning to love yourself

Learning to be healthy physically and emotionally

Discovering your strengths

Uncovering old self-defeating internal messages and …

Becoming powerful in your own right

Becoming confident and self-assured

Learning to speak up for yourself without intruding on others' boundaries

Learning how to set your boundaries for safety and happiness

Learning how to get along with others...

How to effectively deal with conflict

How to have peace in your life

Learning how to communicate effectively and directly

Learning the difference between aggression and assertiveness

Learning how to get your needs met in almost any given situation

Finding how to get along with others no matter what the stressors, no matter your history with these other individuals

Learning to let go of sadness, anger, and disappointments

Raising your expectations about what it is you deserve to gain from your time here on earth

Learning to understand the people in your life

Learning about patience

Learning how to enjoy your own company, nature, and the peace within you

Feeling proud and able to achieve most, if not all of your dreams

Receiving the love you deserve